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ywca sentence in Hindi

"ywca" meaning in Hindi
  • That explains why Ruby Nicholas took a room at the YWCA.
  • Ridge said in an interview at a YWCA child care center.
  • For further details, contact the YWCA at 03-2017753.
  • Five of the Southern California YWCA buildings were designed by Morgan.
  • She was appointed CEO of YWCA New South Wales in 2014.
  • She then became the YWCA secretary of the National Student Council.
  • Today, YWCA USA works to eliminate racism and empower women.
  • Until 1930 the headquarters of the World YWCA were in London.
  • It is the only YWCA owned hostel still operating in Queensland.
  • Graham joined the executive committee of the World YWCA in 1975.
  • In 1938, she established the YWCA national office in Wuhan.
  • The largest organization for female students in 1922 was the YWCA.
  • Baeyertz joined the YWCA and was soon preaching to large crowds.
  • From her desk at the YWCA, Pat Whiters watched Jennifer evolve.
  • Plus, the YWCA suffered from a major image problem.
  • I'm taking a dance class at the YWCA.
  • I truly enjoyed living at the YWCA for a year.
  • While they may hold the YWCA in contempt of court,
  • She was a director at the YWCA when she started the choir.
  • YWCA centre receives RM74, 200 British grant, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
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