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zababa meaning in Hindi

zababa sentence in Hindi
1.Ur-Zababa's mother is unknown.

2.For unknown reasons, Ur-Zababa appoints Sargon as his cup-bearer.

3.In ancient Mesopotamia, Zababa was the tutelary god of the city of Kassite king of Babylon ).

4.Sargon the Great of the Akkadian Empire may have played a role in Ur-Zababa's downfall.

5.Shutruk-Nahhunte led an assault on northern Babylonia which resulted in the end of Zababa-auma-iddina s reign.

6.He made a votive offering of an engraved gold belt to the statue of Kia he reconstructed the Emete ursag for Zababa.

7.He began his career in about 701 BC as a junior apprentice scribe but eventually became chief temple administrator of the god Zababa.

8.In Akkadian times the city's patron deity was Zababa ( or Zamama ), along with his wife, the goddess Inanna.

9."' Qurdi-Nergal "'was a priest of the god Zababa of the cities of Erbil, Harran and Huzirina.

10.War resumed under subsequent kings such as Marduk-apla-iddina I ( 1171 1159 BC ) and Zababa-shuma-iddin ( 1158 BC ).

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