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English-Hindi > zabaglione

zabaglione meaning in Hindi

zabaglione sentence in Hindi
1.They are served piping hot, with a drizzle of zabaglione.

2.Then she folds in whipped cream and refrigerates the zabaglione.

3.When the zabaglione is cold, fold in whipped cream.

4.For the zabaglione, everything should be at room temperature in a metal bowl.

5.Top with crumbled meringue, then with zabaglione.

6.Then she immediately puts the bowl in a bowl of ice water to cool the zabaglione.

7.You're supposed to serve zabaglione immediately, but this one can hold for hours.

8.ZABAGLIONE WITH STRAWBERRIES AND BALSAMIC MERINGUE Time : 4 to 5 hours, including cooling and chilling

9.Many viewers felt the entire installation, which runs through May 7, was overegging the zabaglione.

10.Recipes range from Strawberry Tart to Raspberries Zabaglione and Angel Hair Pasta with Strawberry and Brown Sugar Sauce.

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light foamy custard-like dessert served hot or chilled
Synonyms: sabayon,

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