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English-Hindi > zadruga

zadruga meaning in Hindi

zadruga sentence in Hindi
1.Both Zadruga and Nova Zora are published in both Macedonian and Greek.

2.It has been debated whether the zadruga was actually as common historically as once assumed.

3.This was followed with the publication of the Zadruga magazine ( ) in early 2010.

4.He wrote many novels and stories, which were about patriarchal society of the Serbian big family ( zadruga ).

5.Within the zadruga, all of the family members worked to ensure that the needs of every other member were met.

6.The largest concentration of raspberry plants and the biggest fruit refrigerating chamber ( Zemljoradni ka zadruga Arilje ) are in Arilje.

7.Now it is used by nationalistic organizations like Association for Tradition and Culture " Niklot " or Nationalist Association " Zadruga ".

8.Recent works have pointed out that the word zadruga itself originates only in 1818, and the scarcity of evidence for historical zadrugas.

9.He was a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and president of " Srpska knjizevna zadruga " in Belgrade.

10.Because the zadruga was based on a patrilocal system, when a girl married, she left her parents'zadruga and joined that of her husband.

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