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English-Hindi > zachary taylor

zachary taylor meaning in Hindi

zachary taylor sentence in Hindi
ज़ैकरी टेलर
taylor    टेलर
1._Fort Zachary Taylor on 87 acres at the foot of Southard Street.

2.A new captain, Zachary Taylor, was put in charge of the fort.

3.The cemetery property has been designated as the Zachary Taylor National Cemetery.

4.On his death, in 1988, Zachary Taylor became executor of the estate.

5.But David ( Zachary Taylor ) doesn't have much fun at camp.

6.Whigs presidents Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore tried to suppress the expeditions.

7.In 1849, he was appointed by President Zachary Taylor Postmaster of Troy.

8.He served with the rank of major general under Zachary Taylor.

9.It was named for General Zachary Taylor, later President of the United States.

10.Taylor Township was established in 1872, taking its name from President Zachary Taylor.

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