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zaftig sentence in Hindi

"zaftig" meaning in Hindi
  • Here's an update on zaftig widow Anna Nicole Smith.
  • These things are cyclical-- next lifetime, zaftig.
  • Both teachers exhort her to make the knish zaftig.
  • With Requa and Charlie Gogolak he has formed the production company Zaftig Films.
  • Who said opera divas must be zaftig in shape and deadly serious in mood?
  • Now she is a surreal, zaftig everyteen who seems eerily larger than life.
  • Sometimes they have soft spots in the flesh, a hint to their zaftig tendencies.
  • "Muriel's Wedding " describes how this zaftig Georgy Girl accomplishes this metamorphosis.
  • She went to Tokyo last month for an open event and finished last behind a zaftig Katarina Witt.
  • "Juicier, richer, more zaftig, " as my grease-spotted notes say.
  • Kathy's election would strike a note for the " zaftig " women in this country.
  • Kleevage said, looking prim, and more than a little zaftig, in a tight, pink sweater.
  • Go, Glo " when zaftig single mother, Gloria ( Loretta Devine ) found Right right next door.
  • To his credit, Mignatti allows Hobel's Cynthia to be more than Marc's zaftig het friend.
  • Linda is a refreshingly secure, zaftig young woman who enjoys dressing up : Camryn Manheim for the junior set.
  • One was a zaftig redhead named Milva who is scheduled to appear in " Sunset Boulevard " in Germany.
  • Onstage was a six-piece band of exceptionally zaftig German women bellowing away, a sight that greatly amused her.
  • Shuman, who owns Zaftigs deli in Brookline, had tried plenty of alternatives before he reached Rachlin's door.
  • I was personally a big hit, being a 68-year-old zaftig woman amid a bunch of outdoor types.
  • Calvin, also 9, doesn't eat nearly as much as her zaftig figure suggests ( slow metabolism, she believes ).
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