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zadruga sentence in Hindi

"zadruga" meaning in Hindi
  • Both Zadruga and Nova Zora are published in both Macedonian and Greek.
  • It has been debated whether the zadruga was actually as common historically as once assumed.
  • This was followed with the publication of the Zadruga magazine ( ) in early 2010.
  • He wrote many novels and stories, which were about patriarchal society of the Serbian big family ( zadruga ).
  • Within the zadruga, all of the family members worked to ensure that the needs of every other member were met.
  • The largest concentration of raspberry plants and the biggest fruit refrigerating chamber ( Zemljoradni ka zadruga Arilje ) are in Arilje.
  • Now it is used by nationalistic organizations like Association for Tradition and Culture " Niklot " or Nationalist Association " Zadruga ".
  • Recent works have pointed out that the word zadruga itself originates only in 1818, and the scarcity of evidence for historical zadrugas.
  • He was a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and president of " Srpska knjizevna zadruga " in Belgrade.
  • Because the zadruga was based on a patrilocal system, when a girl married, she left her parents'zadruga and joined that of her husband.
  • Because the zadruga was based on a patrilocal system, when a girl married, she left her parents'zadruga and joined that of her husband.
  • Founded in 1884 in Zagreb as Croatia osiguravajua zadruga ( Croatia Insurance Society ), one of its founders was the famous Croatian writer August ` enoa.
  • The zadruga eventually went into decline beginning in the late 19th century, as the largest started to become unmanageable and broke into smaller zadrugas or formed villages.
  • Many modern-day villages in the Balkans have their roots in a zadruga, a large number of them carrying the name of the one that founded them.
  • The unusually large share of placenames ending in-ovci,-enci and-jane evidence for the preservation of the zadruga until even after the 19th century.
  • A year later, they held another concert in Sava Centar, as a part of celebration of the publishing house Srpska knji ~ evna zadruga hundred years of existence.
  • In early 2010 the Zadruga (, ) newspapers was first published, This was shortly followed by the publication of the " Nova Zora " newspaper in May 2010.
  • In parts of Serbia and western Bulgaria, " knez " was the informal title of the elder or mayor of a village or zadruga until around the 19th century.
  • The villages in the plains are larger, while those in the higher areas are somewhat straggling and have traditionally been inhabited by single families ( " zadruga " ).
  • Mount Izvor is located at, which is 3.47 km southeast of Mount Zadruga, 9 km northwest of Pamidovo Nunatak, and 3.16 km northeast of Mount Bosnek.
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