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zags sentence in Hindi

"zags" meaning in Hindi
  • "It can't zig and zag ."
  • At 47, he probably has several zigs and zags left.
  • The Zags beat Minnesota in an uneven first-round game.
  • When the rest of the sneaker industry zigs, Puma zags.
  • The Zags know the Cardinal like the back of their hands.
  • Still, the Zags received little love from the national rankings.
  • Left to right, up and back, zig and zag.
  • The Zags basketball program has institutionalized this penchant for graceful labor.
  • The Zags got knocked off in the first round by Wyoming.
  • So he started his own company and Zag Skis was born.
  • "Zag when the world zigs ", BUSINESS INDIA
  • They are attached using " double zig-zag " welds.
  • The Zig-Zag Chair was designed by Rietveld in 1934.
  • Triangular, zig zag and crescents were also present as decoration.
  • A general maneuver tactic against submarines is a zig-zag.
  • :The zig-zag applies to pedestrian crossings in general.
  • The polysulfide anions adopt zig-zag chains of sulfur atoms.
  • The 1930 addition was constructed in Zig Zag Art Deco Style.
  • It is Zig Zag Productions'first children's series.
  • Realize it's fine line between zig-zag and stagger.
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