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zea mays sentence in Hindi

"zea mays" meaning in Hindizea mays in a sentence
  • Corn, or maize, known scientifically as Zea mays, had been established as the first American crop.
  • No indications of these characters in any recorded form of Zea mays had thus far been found.
  • Zea mays samples from Cueva San Marcos and from Cueva Coxcatlan in Tehuacan neighborhood had been tested.
  • The flowers of " Zea mays " are monoecious, and are born in separate parts of the plant.
  • The larvae have been recorded feeding on " Zea mays ", as well as Gramineae, Leguminosae and Polygonaceae species.
  • As the plant is a distant relative of corn, it shares common subtribes with the " Zea mays " corn species.
  • One of the most enduring legacies of the Spanish colonial era lives on, quite literally in Tumauini, corn ( Zea mays ).
  • Barbara McClintock discovered the first TEs in maize ( " Zea mays " ) at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York.
  • The larvae are a pest of " Saccharum " species as well as several grain crops such as sorghum and " Zea mays ".
  • "' Chicha morada "'is a sweet Peruvian beverage made from purple corn, a variant of " Zea mays " native to the Mesoamerica, and spices.
  • While earlier research pointed to edible domestic plants such as achira, and corn ( Zea Mays ) to the list of foods consumed in the region.
  • In " Zea mays ", salicylic acid and JA are mediated by NPR1 ( nonexpressor of pathogenesis-related genes1 ), which is essential in preventing herbivores from exploiting this antagonistic system.
  • Approximately 6000 BC, these peoples were among the first to begin farming; among their early crops were bottle gourd, " Lagenaria siceraria ", and an early type of maize, " Zea mays"
  • ""'Novosphingobium rhizosphaerae " "'is a Gram-negative, non-spore-forming and rod-shaped bacterium from the genus of Novosphingobium which has been isolated from the rhizosphere of the plant Zea mays in Tallassee in the United States.
  • Recent debates among scientists center on where exactly in the Balsas River valley this type of teosinte ( " Zea mays ssp . parviglumis " ) grew in times past, when corn was domesticated.
  • In addition to these, " Zea mays " ( Maize ) and " Cocos nucifera " ( Coconut ) have been introduced by visiting Indonesian fishermen as food sources, but these are not naturalised.
  • In the early 20th century, Station scientists Edward M . East and Herbert K . Hayes began attempts to improve the quality and yield of corn ( Zea mays ) through selective breeding and hybridization.
  • Popcorn, also known as "'popping corn "', is a type of corn ( maize, " Zea mays var . everta " ) that expands from the strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns.
  • ""'Chryseobacterium zeae " "'is a Gram-negative and rod-shaped bacteria from the genus of Chryseobacterium which has been isolated from stem from a sweet corn plant ( Zea mays ) in Macon County in the United States.
  • Others are the " lazy " ( i . e . ageotropic or agravitropic ) varieties of corn ( " Zea mays " ) and varieties of rice, barley and tomatoes, whose shoots grow along the ground.
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