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zaria sentence in Hindi

"zaria" meaning in Hindi  
  • Zaria was the most southern of the Hausa city-states.
  • Two bombs also went off in Zaria, seriously injuring four.
  • His first assignment was working on the Zaria-Kano road.
  • Audu had been born in Wusasa, near Zaria, in 1928.
  • Withstanding Zaria attacks, the Abuja emirate remained an independent Hausa refuge.
  • It brought together student councils in Ife, Zaria, and Nsukka.
  • In 1980 the university ceased functioning as a faculty of its Zaria counterpart.
  • The Army sponsors the Nigerian Military School at Zaria.
  • Augie-Kuta studied Mass Communication at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria for her undergraduate
  • Abubakar graduated from the Barewa College, Zaria, secondary school in 1966.
  • Mimano founded the Zaria Mimano Foundation in December 2014.
  • At Zaria, the road splits into two.
  • The university operates two campuses : Samaru ( main ) and Kongo in Zaria.
  • Why the attack on the Zaria procession ?"
  • "Continuous ! " chimed in a local leader, Chief Zaria Torukro.
  • He was born in Zaria, Nigeria.
  • Sporadic violence continued in outlying areas and in the neighboring towns of Kafanchan and Zaria.
  • He attended Zaria Clerical College in 1952.
  • Since November 2014 he is the head coach of Moldavian football club FC Zaria Bli.
  • Since June 2013 he is the head coach of Moldavian football club FC Zaria Bli.
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