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zation sentence in Hindi

"zation" meaning in Hindization in a sentence
  • The show was wryly titled : " glo-BALI-zation ."
  • Scientists at several labs established this with a technique called RNA in situ hybridi-zation.
  • Zedillo also has continued to open up Mexico's economy to privati zation and foreign investment.
  • But court records say he and Semus, his stepbrother, were leaders in the Cisneros organi zation.
  • "I just believe that the whole ` media-zation'of the planet is making us all much more sophisticated ."
  • The megawealthy publisher Steve Forbes, who won Arizona's 1996 GOP primary, also has some rem nants from his campaign organi zation.
  • When the puck drops this evening, you will see an entire organ-I-zation ride a mad teeter-totter of emotion.
  • Bush acknowledged that he worked at a Houston public-service organi zation in 1972, Project P . U . L . L ., the magazine said.
  • Duquette said Jim Rice will have a job in the organi-zation, but Rice's future as the major league hitting coach doesn't seem secure.
  • "I came to Boston because I've heard nothing but good things about the way the Red Sox are building their minor league organi-zation ."
  • Stuart Powell, the current president of the association, said Vanity Fair was partly responsible for a " celebrity-zation " of the dinner that he does not encourage.
  • "The Monica Lewinsky-zation of Mexican politics is not very likely, " said Delal Bear, a Mexico analyst with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Mrs . Brandon, married for 31 years, now works out of Terrell's old zation is still in the recruiting stage, the Mothers already have planned their second annual convention for August in Las Vegas.
  • On previous trips to Chichen Itz 5, I'd marveled not only at the rich, compL ? zation that created them, but at the ingenuity of archaeologists who uncovered them and pieced them back together.
  • Profits of such magnitude enable the drug traffickers to pay enormous bribes, estimated for one organi zation to be as much as $ 1 million per week, to Mexican law en forcement officials at the fed eral, state and local levels.
  • Ron Cooper, president of the Pappas foundation, said the organi zation has planned for a month to hold a $ 15-per-person or $ 25-per-couple Seinfeld fund-raiser at Zen 32 Restaurant on Camelback Road.
  • The 338th Engineer General Service Regiment by careful planning and proper organi-zation, vigorous prosecution of the work over long hours and exceptional ingenuity and engineering skill placed the Port of Leghorn in operating conditions within six ( 6 ) weeks after its capture.
  • "PWEI-zation " is a fast-paced track which didn't appear on an album until the re-release of " This Is The Day . . . ", however, in addition to Very Metal Noise Pollution, it also appeared on the 1992 single " Karmadrome ".
  • While officials be-lieve Belfast units of the IRA, which make up a huge chunk of the organi-zation, are more realistic about the inertia inherent in the current elec-tion period, and therefore more cau-tious about their use of violence, they fear the border and southern units are interested not in talking, but in creating as much havoc as possible, with little regard for casu-alties.

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