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zea sentence in Hindi

"zea" meaning in Hindizea in a sentence
  • Fernando Botero Zea became a politician and served as Defense Minister.
  • On his return Bolivar restored Zea and exiled Arismendi to Margarita.
  • But that is not the point, say Pastor and Zea Flores.
  • To Zea, e-mail should be primarily for business use.
  • Zea suggested the work implies the destruction wrought by cocaine.
  • The pollen we found cannot be identified beyond the genus of Zea,
  • The first queen of Bogot?s student carnival was Elvira Zea.
  • Zea said that he thought about Murray when his second child was born.
  • Zea said in the office where his trade association moved after the bombing.
  • Zea Flores described the meeting as friendly but formal.
  • Amalia Zea is among those who don't.
  • On 4 March 1827 " Zebra " became becalmed off Zea.
  • "The President of Congress, Francisco Antonio Zea.
  • Resistance to Striga hermonthica in a maize inbred line derived from Zea diploperennis.
  • She shared her nomination with art director Kristi Zea.
  • It is a contributor ( with its Zea Harbour ( Piraeus, Attica ).
  • Zea however never saw the conclusion of his mission for he died shortly after.
  • Zea said that the drawers probably held jewelry, money, deeds and writing materials.
  • Zea is thought to have originated in western Mexico, far from the gulf site.
  • The vice-president Francisco Antonio Zea was deposed and replaced by Juan Bautista Arismendi.
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