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English-Hindi > acclimatisation

acclimatisation meaning in Hindi

acclimatisation sentence in Hindi
1.The alliance with the Acclimatisation Society was considered to be a sensible arrangement.

2.It was also known as the Acclimatisation Society Gardens.

3.He was also a keen botanist and trustee of the Queensland Acclimatisation Society.

4.Furthermore he conducted experiments on feeding and acclimatisation.

5.Acclimatisation societies experimented with adapting plants and animals from other countries to Australian conditions.

6.Although the Rongai route is a flatter walk, it offers less opportunities for acclimatisation.

7.Walter Hill also had a significant role in acclimatisation of exotic plant species into Queensland.

8.No buildings associated with the Queensland Acclimatisation Society remain extant at the Bowen Park site.

9.In 1871, Woody Island was listed as a reserve for the Queensland Acclimatisation Society.

10.Acclimatisation is essential, and even the most experienced trekkers suffer some degree of altitude sickness.

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adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)
Synonyms: acclimatization, acclimation,

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