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English-Hindi > acclimatization

acclimatization meaning in Hindi

acclimatization sentence in Hindi
1.The acclimatization and training camp will now be held in Johannesburg.

2.The writings of Lamarck provided theoretical backing for the acclimatization doctrines.

3.It was founded by the South Australian Acclimatization and Zoological Society.

4.Parties will typically spend two nights in Dingboche for acclimatization purposes.

5.When pO 2 drops, the body responds with altitude acclimatization.

6.It describes their hardships and acclimatization to the newly formed Israel.

7."There's been an acclimatization to corruption.

8.Athletes also can take advantage of altitude acclimatization to increase their performance.

9.Acclimatization societies directly supported colonial enterprises and enjoyed their benefits.

10.Full acclimatization, however, requires days or even weeks.

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adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment)
Synonyms: acclimatisation, acclimation,

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