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English-Hindi > acclimations

acclimations meaning in Hindi

acclimations sentence in Hindi
• अनुकूलन
• पर्यनुकूलन
1.The applause he received was a universal thunder of acclimation ."

2.This acclimation period allows them to withstand these new stresses.

3.The acclimation pens are almost a half acre in size.

4.Normally the commission chair is chosen by acclimation without controversy.

5.The majority of studies have actually been examining developmental acclimation.

6.Acclimation to those temperatures may decrease fitness in an individual.

7.There is the Jardim Catarina sheds three acclimation of bananas.

8.Frona Park has a steelhead acclimation pond along Hantz Creek.

9.Both thermal sensitivity levels and nociceptive thresholds change with changes in acclimation temperature.

10."The body goes through an acclimation process, " said Cedar.

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