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English-Hindi > acclimatise

acclimatise meaning in Hindi

acclimatise sentence in Hindi
• अनुकूलन
• अभ्यस्थन
• आदी होना
• पर्यनुकूलन करना
• नई जलवायु से अभ्यस्त होना
• दशानुकूलित करना
• पर्यनुकूलित होना
1.The only treatment is to return to lower altitudes and acclimatise.

2.Felton also had the advantage of being acclimatised to the Northern conditions.

3.MacInnes was incapacitated and Fyffe had not acclimatised well.

4.If possible, take time to acclimatise on the way to the Klein Matterhorn.

5.The new arrivals had to be acclimatised first.

6.You will need to be well acclimatised for this trek to avoid altitude sickness.

7.In Nepal they spent 21 days acclimatising before the jump, in October 2008.

8.I think I have acclimatised myself now.

9.He appears to have introduced numerous exotic trees with a view to them becoming acclimatised.

10.Runrig was also faced with the challenge of acclimatising their fans to a new lead vocalist.

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