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acclimatisations sentence in Hindi

"acclimatisations" meaning in Hindi
  • The alliance with the Acclimatisation Society was considered to be a sensible arrangement.
  • It was also known as the Acclimatisation Society Gardens.
  • He was also a keen botanist and trustee of the Queensland Acclimatisation Society.
  • Furthermore he conducted experiments on feeding and acclimatisation.
  • Acclimatisation societies experimented with adapting plants and animals from other countries to Australian conditions.
  • Although the Rongai route is a flatter walk, it offers less opportunities for acclimatisation.
  • Walter Hill also had a significant role in acclimatisation of exotic plant species into Queensland.
  • No buildings associated with the Queensland Acclimatisation Society remain extant at the Bowen Park site.
  • In 1871, Woody Island was listed as a reserve for the Queensland Acclimatisation Society.
  • Acclimatisation is essential, and even the most experienced trekkers suffer some degree of altitude sickness.
  • See Altitude sickness # Altitude acclimatisation for details of physiological adaptions ( healthy and otherwise ).
  • Beginning in New Zealand, some of the acclimatisation societies transformed themselves into fish and game organizations.
  • With the successful conclusion of his journey Martin was appointed Director of the acclimatisation garden at Cayenne.
  • Acclimatisation Committee of the Zoological and Botanical Gardens ( Perth, W . A . )"
  • Brood stock that is transferred from these countries would be transplanted to suitable sites for acclimatisation and conditioning.
  • Their acclimatisation to high altitudes also allows them to operate effectively in mountainous regions, news reports said.
  • Exceptional mountaineers have climbed Everest ) without oxygen, almost always with a carefully planned program of acclimatisation.
  • Sodium concentration in sweat is 30-65 mmol / l, depending on the degree of acclimatisation.
  • Initially the zoo was important for the acclimatisation of domestic animals recovering from their long trip to Australia.
  • In 1880 he was awarded a Silver Medal by the Acclimatisation Society of France " for publications ".
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