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acclimations sentence in Hindi

"acclimations" meaning in Hindi
  • The applause he received was a universal thunder of acclimation ."
  • This acclimation period allows them to withstand these new stresses.
  • The acclimation pens are almost a half acre in size.
  • Normally the commission chair is chosen by acclimation without controversy.
  • The majority of studies have actually been examining developmental acclimation.
  • Acclimation to those temperatures may decrease fitness in an individual.
  • There is the Jardim Catarina sheds three acclimation of bananas.
  • Frona Park has a steelhead acclimation pond along Hantz Creek.
  • Both thermal sensitivity levels and nociceptive thresholds change with changes in acclimation temperature.
  • "The body goes through an acclimation process, " said Cedar.
  • Heat acclimation is a special concern in the summer for seniors who exercise outdoors.
  • "Acclimation is a very important part of any athlete's life.
  • Esteban is elected by acclimation and then gives a speech to the assembled peasants.
  • Reintroduced wolves being carried to acclimation pens, Yellowstone National Park, January 1995.
  • This thermal acclimation relies on brown adipose tissue and is often induced by ingestion.
  • The process of freezing tolerance through cold acclimation is a two-stage mechanism:
  • Hall went to Gonzaga this year, and the acclimation to the state is complete.
  • The traits of organisms are subject to change through acclimation, development, and evolution.
  • The zebras were removed four months after their arrival due to " acclimation " issues.
  • He is also known as one of the first testers of the beneficial acclimation hypothesis.
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