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English-Hindi > cablegram

cablegram meaning in Hindi

cablegram sentence in Hindi
1.The term " cablegram " is also sometimes used.

2.Film actress Rosita Moreno received a cablegram on February 27, 1937.

3.But subsequent cablegrams call Posada a " serious potential liability ."

4.Alarmed, the American ambassador to Brazil sent a cablegram to his suzerain Cuba.

5."Not Convenient, " read Freud's two-word cablegram.

6.He was able to show the cablegram to his friend George Bliss, a prominent New York lawyer.

7.In August, he sent a cablegram confirming that he would run again as the Labour candidate for Subiaco.

8.A series of July 1965 cablegrams asserts that the two men were plotting to attack Soviet and Cuban installations abroad.

9.At that point, the cablegrams cryptically report, Posada was " instructed to disengage from activities ."

10.In June 1896, Prime Minister one or more of the cablegrams implicating him in the Raid's planning.

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a telegram sent abroad
Synonyms: cable, overseas telegram,

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