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cablese sentence in Hindi

"cablese" meaning in Hindicablese in a sentence
  • The newspaper teletype lines chattering into the Associated Press office in Vienna described, in heartbreaking cablese, what was happening in Budapest,
  • So most of the messages I ever received over the respected cablese signer of " HLS / NX " were positive : " Great job.
  • He learned brevity by writing for the Toronto Star in " cablese, " the journalist's shorthand that cuts per-word cable costs.
  • The related term "'cablese "'describes the style of press messages sent uncoded, but in a highly condensed, Hemingwayesque style, over submarine communications cables.
  • In the U . S . Foreign Service, before the advent of broadband telecommunications, cablese referred to condensed telegraphic messaging that made heavy use of abbreviations and avoided use of definite or indefinite articles, punctuation, and other words unnecessary for comprehension of the message.
  • Thomas then cites a few gripping lines coming over the " chattering " teletype machine ( whose text was not in cablese ), but he does not tell us who is sending the message, or for whom it was intended, or why it was coming into the Associated Press office ( it did not seem to be a news dispatch ), or even what the message had to do with Wisner.

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