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cabling sentence in Hindi

"cabling" meaning in Hindicabling in a sentence
  • CBS will, however, get a desired foothold in cable.
  • Even though cable has given bad consumer service a new name,
  • That will help offset the FCC's cable rate rollbacks.
  • Who is " the Darth Vader of cable "?
  • Landmark's cable programmers are no stranger to overseas markets.
  • A fifth cable failed at 7 : 15 p . m.
  • "It's what cable television should be doing.
  • A year ago, cable was king and networks the beggars.
  • But they've lost ad sales and cable system fees.
  • The plants make plastic moldings and copper cable for wiring harnesses.
  • Easy-to-find problems such as loose cable connections.
  • The only thing the cable industry has to sell is service.
  • It has also been hurt by being primarily a cable sport.
  • In the television listings, there was no hint of cable.
  • And that doesn't include sales to video and cable.
  • Barrows is covering the Fleiss trial for a cable television network.
  • Finally we asked for 4 feet of 18-inch cable.
  • The folks at cable TV's Discovery Channel know this.
  • Jones spoke on a panel Thursday at the Western Cable Show.
  • Then consider where to put all the Medusa-like cables.
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