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English-Hindi > dafla

dafla meaning in Hindi

dafla sentence in Hindi
1.In 1786 Harihar Tanti raised an army of Moamarias and Dafla-Bahatiyas.

2.As a punishment forts were erected in the frontiers and the Daflas were prohibited from entering the plains.

3.Staffordiidae is a poorly understood family, because it occurs only in the Dafla Hills area of India.

4."There was no capital flight, " said Kubrom Dafla, general manager of Himbol Banking Corporation in Asmara.

5.During his reign, in 1758 there was conflict with the Dafla because of raids by them on the plains people near Ghiladhari.

6.The Stafford, who was in command of the punitive force which entered the Dafla Hills for the first time in the winter of 1874-1875.

7.Known from two to three locations in Arunachal Pradesh in India : Turoo Hills ( Das et al ., 2008 ) the Delei valley and a valley in the Dafla Hills ( Gajurel et al ., 2006 ).

8.But later an agreement was made with the Daflas which allowed them to collect paddy and a payment of cowries from the people living in along the foot of the hills on condition of their refraining from any acts of aggression.

9.Betts, known as Tim, was appointed Political Officer in the remote and volatile Subansiri region towards Tibet, and they worked together to establish good relations and pacify the constantly battling Dafla and Apa Tani tribes, until Indian Independence demanded their removal.

10."' Nishi "'( also known as Nyishi, Nisi, Nishing, Nissi, Nyising, Bangni, Dafla, Daphla, Lel ) is a Tani branch spoken in lower Subansiri and East Kameng districts of Arunachal Pradesh and Darrang District of Assam in India.

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