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English-Hindi > daftness

daftness meaning in Hindi

daftness sentence in Hindi
1.There is also daftness on the court _ and off.

2.He boards his plane, determined to put an end to such daftness.

3.If I wanted to go to war with Wikipedia, the last thing I would do, is to announce such daftness publically.

4.Lesley says his journey ended as soon as it began, with the bystanders uncertain whether to mourn his demise or marvel at his daftness.

5.He / she even told me to work on another article rather than this one, demonstrating a sort of daftness that simply is not appreciated.

6.The first interaction I had with this editor was on my talk page after closing an RM discussion, where Feline1's first post accused me of " obtuse daftness ".

7.Although he may not be the cleverest of people, his kind heart and occasional daftness mean that, even when he gets himself into trouble, he is well loved and highly thought of by his peers.

8.I would add such phrases imputing daftness, or daffiness, as out to lunch, not all there and one whose oars are not both in the water and whose belt does not go through all the loops.

9.She could easily avoid me having to complain about her obtuse daftness by not being so daftly obtuse, but she vehemently refuses to, and therein lies the problem .-- talk ) 12 : 50, 19 March 2014 ( UTC)

10.Rivette has spurned the lighting tricks and depictions of dewy-eyed near-daftness that are such cliches of films of religious fervor in favor of a blunt portrayal of a simple young woman impelled by her belief that she is destined to save France.

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informal terms for insanity
Synonyms: craziness, flakiness,

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