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enamels sentence in Hindi

"enamels" meaning in Hindienamels in a sentence
  • Long neglected in exhibitions, medieval enamels were once enormously popular.
  • American Perfumed Alabaster Laundry _ Enamel ( Print, 1870 ).
  • Place in an enamel or glass container, and cover tightly.
  • I suggest using oil-based enamel in a spray can.
  • After that, spraying the enamel will be easy and quick.
  • Q . I chipped the enamel inside my favorite stewing pot.
  • Place meat in covered enamel roaster and then into the oven.
  • A giant spool of enamel-coated wire brought $ 25.
  • There were bathtubs and wash basins with the enamel chipped away.
  • The gravestones are enamel-white, the lawns impeccably manicured.
  • But I can't find such touch-up enamel.
  • Four bidders went for the enamel-and-paper collage.
  • If you want a gloss, use a semigloss latex enamel.
  • She also added elaborate jewelry designs with precious stones and enamels.
  • Studies on its tooth prism and enamel patterns have been performed.
  • The microstructure of the enamel of this tooth has been studied.
  • Enamel formation is part of the overall process of tooth development.
  • Some " enamel paints " are now produced specifically for artists.
  • Nitro-cellulose enamels are also commonly known as modern lacquers.
  • Enamel begins to demineralize at a pH of 5.5.
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