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galled sentence in Hindi

"galled" meaning in Hindi
  • But it received almost no press attention, which galled him.
  • The suggestion that he cannot look out for himself galled him.
  • Taiwan's separate status has always galled the Communist regime.
  • The mistakes his team had made weren't what galled him.
  • Perhaps the circumstance that galled these Rangers most was this one simple fact:
  • What especially galled legislators was Scott's casual view of student lawbreaking.
  • If that galled Bush, he did not let on in the interview.
  • But it wasn't just the unanswered phone calls that galled Kerasiotes.
  • The incident has galled Stein, who described himself as a political conservative.
  • I am particularly galled by her above statement of&
  • Galled twigs usually remain on branches for several years.
  • Lying helpless after the stroke, just staring out the window, galled him.
  • The idea of " Sister Rats " galled most cadets and alumni.
  • What really galled him was the prosecutor who wanted her locked up full time.
  • In the United States, that galled farmers.
  • What galled so many of us was that taxpayers were compelled to subsidize them.
  • He had an elitist aura that galled opponents.
  • It wasn't the loss that galled him, it was the timing.
  • The delay galled families who saw months run out during the wait for records.
  • This equal treatment galled India's government.
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