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gallbladders sentence in Hindi

"gallbladders" meaning in Hindigallbladders in a sentence
  • Last July, Goza, 79, had a gallbladder operation.
  • Johnson was in Texas recovering from gallbladder surgery at the time.
  • He produced a tiny brown stone, then a moldy gallbladder.
  • And how does she know I no longer have a gallbladder?
  • That's not so with a slippery, diseased gallbladder.
  • Nancy Lopez underwent successful surgery last Tuesday to remove her gallbladder.
  • CBS at 10 : Stopping the illegal trade in bear gallbladders.
  • She had experienced a gallbladder attack, the doctor explained carefully.
  • Shiokawa was hospitalized last week with an inflammation of his gallbladder.
  • He had his gallbladder removed at Swedish Medical Center in Denver.
  • Doctors found a significant nidus of typhoid bacteria in her gallbladder.
  • Cholesterol gallstones are generally treated through surgical removal of the gallbladder.
  • Gallbladders with two lobes separated by a septum may also exist.
  • A cholecystectomy is a procedure in which the gallbladder is removed.
  • Ultrasonography or computed tomography often shows an immobile, enlarged gallbladder.
  • The gallbladder fundus is identified, grasped, and retracted superiorly.
  • In 1986, he had an operation to remove his gallbladder.
  • From the gallbladder, bile enters the intestine in individual portions.
  • The incidence of gallbladder polyps is higher among men than women.
  • Continued secretion by the gallbladder leads to a rise in pressure.
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