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English-Hindi > habiliments

habiliments meaning in Hindi

habiliments sentence in Hindi
• पहनाव
• वस्र
1.It is therefore blasphemous to adorn dogs with the habiliments of humans.

2.As for habiliments in the ABL, some players have been perfectly happy.

3.Then, we blanketed ourselves with habiliments at the influx of cultures and the upsurge of clothing materials.

4.She stated that her habiliments mirrored the practices of extraterrestrials, whose attire she said was brighter and more radiant than clothing on Earth.

5.It was not easy to enumerate or reckon the quantities of copper, iron, clothes, and habiliments, which they carried away from the town on the following day.

6.But he was hit hard and often in his next three major league starts, and now was, stunningly if not shockingly, climbing into Clipper habiliments instead of Bomber pinstripes.

7.:" " dressed in a red garment with the usual Phylacteries and habiliments, the white silk Surplice; he wore a high fur cap, had a long beard.

8.For this neighborhood, Bush's choice of house guests may be unusual, but when home, his choices in footwear, habiliments and personal transportation are in keeping with our Central Texas vicinage.

9."Temperance ceases to be the speciality of this paper, as, in fact, it is not the forte of the present editor . . . . . Right here the bright habiliments of neutrality are laid aside forever, and wheeling into line the good champion of prohibition goes down in the smoke and fury of political war ."

10.With reference to the " arms, ordnance, munition, shot, powder, or habiliments of war belonging to the United States " provision of section 16, Currie argues that it could have been justified under Congress's Article One power to " raise and support armies " or Congress's Article Four power to make needful rules respecting " property belonging to the United States ."

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