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jade green sentence in Hindi

"jade green" meaning in Hindi
  • Shabnam gives birth to their son, Jade Green ( Amaya Edward ).
  • In the Goryeo period jade green celadon ware became more popular.
  • Mick's partner Jade Green ( Amaya Edward ) also made her first appearance.
  • Jade green and aquamarine light up the generally dark palette.
  • White horses grazed in jade green fields and waterfalls graced the steeply sloping mountains.
  • In the Minho, the cabbages are jade green and monstrous.
  • The Internal Frame Pack, 21 { inches high, comes in bright jade green with black accents.
  • One woman wears a jade green outfit for prosperity, while the other wears red for good fortune.
  • A White Tara goddess occupies the centre of the altar with a Jade Green Tara on either side.
  • The livery of trains is personalized, combining RATP's traditional jade green with various visual symbols of the city.
  • "The conservatives are trying to conduct an ideological cleansing, " said the 44-year-old Javadihesari, flicking jade green worry beads.
  • "' Natalie Dashkov "' A royal Moroi with jet-black hair and jade green eyes who specializes in earth magic.
  • The proscenium now glitters with ornate gilt detail against a background of jade green that had been invisible for decades.
  • The jade green color of the lake is attributed to the presence of copper oxide leached from the bedrock underneath.
  • The 1995 jersey was jade green with purple and white stripes on the collar and on the end of the sleeves.
  • But to have your own apples on your own trees, high on the topmost branches and jade green, is a heart-lifting thing.
  • The color name " jade green " was first used in Spanish in the form " piedra de ijada " in 1569.
  • Golden stars pierce fields of electric blue above expanses of cornflower blue, jade green, terra cotta, slate, sand, peach, ruby and chocolate.
  • Brayton s color palette included rose, strawberry pink, eggplant, jade green, lettuce green, chartreuse, old gold, burnt orange, lemon yellow, silky black, and white.
  • Less often breaks in the trees reveal glimpses of the reservoir, with its ochre banks and jade green waters, typical of all the local dams.
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