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jade stone sentence in Hindi

"jade stone" meaning in Hindi
  • :I've never heard the " single universal jade stone " thing.
  • The jade stone was found in 1960 in Xiuyan County.
  • Some still maintained jade stones, implying the significance of conch shells within their tribal society.
  • The jade stone weighs 260.76 tons.
  • They do so because they consider all pieces of jade to derive from a single universal jade stone.
  • Often these companies would have preferential relationships with clients that had a reputation for skillfully identifying valuable jade stones for sale.
  • It is a single piece of jade stone measuring 6.88 metres in width, 4.10 metres front to back and 7.95 metres high.
  • The largest single jade stone ever found came from Xiuyan, now carved into the form of a Buddha, it is a major tourist attraction in the area.
  • The confession of the drivers led to the seizure of nearly 9 tons of jade stones at a noodle factory and a house in Mandalay the next day.
  • Authorities seized nearly 14 tons of jade stones in raids on a smuggling ring this past month, the state-owned newspaper New Light of Myanmar ( Burma ) reported Friday.
  • On Sept . 16, they found 375 pieces of raw jade stones, weighing a total of nearly 5 tons, hidden in spare gasoline tanks and false bottoms of three vehicles.
  • On the pinkie of her right hand she wears a large yellow jade stone set in diamonds, a traditional symbol here worn by rich people to protect themselves from swindles.
  • The scene in which a black suited thief tries to steal the coveted jade stone by descending from the ceiling attached to a rope is a reference to " Mission : Impossible ", for example.
  • The Emerald Buddha, a dark green statue, is in a standing form, about tall, carved from a single jade stone ( " emerald " in Thai means deep green colour and not the specific stone ).
  • Dying, Feng pronounces Elizabeth the captain of the " Empress ", and gives her his " piece of eight ", a jade stone on a necklace, telling her that she must take his place at the Brethren Court.
  • Made of white jade stone, 1 : 1.5 statue of Kuo Liang HuiOn 19 June 2013, Kuo died from stroke with her statue locating in the celebrity cemetery zone of Chin Pao San, Jinshan District, New Taipei, Taiwan.
  • When a precious jade stone is discovered in an old outhouse, the owner of said outhouse and the surrounding buildings suddenly finds himself with the financial clout to withstand the buy-out pressure of an unethical developer who wishes to build a large building on his plot.
  • She tucked hot rounded rocks into my hands, then came the jade in the middle of my forehead for my third eye . ( You have a third eye when you're in Big Sur . ) There were even small jade stones tucked between my toes.

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