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karake sentence in Hindi

"karake" meaning in Hindikarake in a sentence
  • Gen . Karenzi Karake, Rwanda's chief of military operations.
  • Gen . Karenzi Karake told The Associated Press.
  • Karake said he believes the Congolese government can do that and effectively end the war.
  • Karake said, brushing off the many banners and enormous picture of Yasser Arafat overlooking the square.
  • Karake said Rwanda has already given its information on the militia to the U . N . observers.
  • The suspects were identified as Leonidas Bimenyiamana, 34; Francois Karake, 38; and Gregoire Nyaminami, 32.
  • Issa Karake of the Palestinian Prisoners Association said he had hoped those with life terms would be among those freed.
  • "We are firing in self-defense, " said Col . Karenzi Karake, a Rwandan commander.
  • Rwandan commander Col . Karenzi Karake said . " We are now leaving Kisangani regardless of Ugandan intentions ."
  • James Kazini called Karake on a satellite telephone and requested a cease-fire in order to withdraw, Karake said.
  • James Kazini called Karake on a satellite telephone and requested a cease-fire in order to withdraw, Karake said.
  • Rwandan Col . Karenzi Karake said his troops were ready to quit Kisangani, but not under fire from the Ugandan side.
  • Issa Karake, head of the Palestinian prisoners'association, said about 3, 500 prisoners halted the strike early Thursday.
  • Gen . Karenzi Karake said the withdrawal from North and South Kivu provinces involves the largest number of Rwandan troops in neighboring Congo.
  • "These days, we do more resettlements than fighting, " said Col . Karenzi Karake, army commander for northern Rwanda.
  • It began Friday as Rwanda prepared to conclude the pull out from southern Katanga province after a successful withdrawal from Maniema province, Karake said.
  • "Instead of just pushing them away, we're trying to corner them, " said Lt . Col . Karenzi Karake.
  • "There will be widespread violence " if the prisoners are not freed, said Issa Karake, head of the Palestinian Prisoners Club.
  • Karenzi Karake, the Rwandan Army chief of operations, said in the capital, Kigali, denied that Rwandan troops were involved in the fighting.
  • Col . Karake Karenzi, commander of operations for the Rwandan army, said in a telephone interview from Pweto as his troops began leaving the town.
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