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karaokes sentence in Hindi

"karaokes" meaning in Hindikaraokes in a sentence
  • Mayor Jordan to invest city pension fund in karaoke bathhouse venture.
  • The next horrific step after karaoke is making your own music.
  • What is next in the realm of high-tech karaoke?
  • It's midnight in a smoky Karaoke bar in Copenhagen.
  • Even The Edge's karaoke segment had a new flexibility.
  • Okamoto added a karaoke room and hired three chefs from Japan.
  • It's about killing " karaoke kooties ."
  • -- Go to a karaoke bar and sing silly songs.
  • I always like to have a karaoke machine in my trailer.
  • Although in my case we're talking about karaoke performance.
  • "Karaoke addicts " will sing anything, anywhere, anytime.
  • Many of them show up at several karaoke bars each week.
  • Saturday night means karaoke at one of the local yacht clubs.
  • Fortunately, friends in the karaoke industry donated my transportation fees.
  • For the karaoke machine, cockroaches and mice are the enemy.
  • The neighbors play Chinese pop music and sing along to karaoke.
  • Taiwan has tightened fire safety inspections since the karaoke bar fire.
  • Talk show hosts, karaoke, anything is fine by me,
  • Many karaoke clubs are controlled by Hong Kong's underworld.
  • Many karaoke clubs are controlled by Hong Kong's triads.
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