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karates sentence in Hindi

"karates" meaning in Hindikarates in a sentence
  • Her karate lessons stopped, and so did her piano lessons.
  • In 1976, he founded a karate ministry at 12th Baptist.
  • Parker, his personal karate instructor and father of American Kenpo.
  • Stojko earned a black belt in karate when he was 16.
  • Baseball was my first love, then fishing, and karate,
  • Blanks claims he is a seven-time world karate champion.
  • _He holds a sixth-degree black belt in karate.
  • -He holds a sixth-degree black belt in karate.
  • Karate involves training the entire body, not just one part,
  • Most other karate teachers give prominent display to their tournament trophies.
  • Sebastian does this with a demonstration of a proficiency in karate.
  • He gets his karate on in a self-defense class.
  • He's a second-degree black belt in karate.
  • She plans to go out more, maybe take karate classes.
  • CBS at 10 : She dates Lauren's karate teacher.
  • Mrs . Stewart also enjoyed snow skiing, tennis and karate.
  • Both young men took up karate, and became sparring partners.
  • Some have spread from Asia _ judo, karate, taekwondo.
  • The discipline and concentration learned in karate class comes in handy.
  • Americans won three gold medals in men's kumite karate.
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