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luridly sentence in Hindi

"luridly" meaning in Hindiluridly in a sentence
  • A devil lighted luridly by a red bulb animates the sidewalk.
  • At his best, King weaves luridly compelling campfire yarns.
  • The paradox is luridly illustrated in the adult video business.
  • And Connick is luridly enjoyable as the sleazy jailbird.
  • It depicts Dyer sitting on a revolving office stool in a luridly coloured room.
  • The report luridly describes sexual encounters and secretive pillow talk in the corridors of power.
  • Each one is as luridly colored as the next, with only their scalloped borders now showing.
  • They have joyfully and sometimes luridly reported every turn in the story, very often on Page One.
  • It's as grisly as a multi-car pileup, and just as luridly fascinating to watch.
  • These directors are on safe territory, even if Scorsese's Manhattan is more luridly dystopic than ever.
  • That is the main theme of the advertising campaigns, which are often luridly assisted by the National Rifle Association.
  • "Manhattan Murder Mystery " ) to the luridly unbecoming ( " Deconstructing Harry " ).
  • A section luridly titledthe'Coroner's Report'details the wealth and fees of today's performers.
  • He'll put you through all kinds of cynical, luridly disillusioned behavior just to maintain his belief in innocence.
  • An angry Innes Ireland spent the whole race going luridly sideways in the car which he had originally put on pole.
  • "Carmen Jones " ), and most recently, in gangsta rap lyrics that luridly brag of sexual conquests.
  • Polygamy was then luridly discussed in newspapers across the country and, in 1857, federal troops were sent to the Utah Territory.
  • The episode ended with a close-up of Pete's " tear-stained, luridly made-up face ".
  • His is a morality tale for this complicated age : the details are luridly clear, but the moral is what you make it.
  • His next collaboration with Powell, the luridly emotional melodrama " Black Narcissus, " won Cardiff the 1947 Oscar for cinematography.
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