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English-Hindi > machinal

machinal meaning in Hindi

machinal sentence in Hindi
• मशीनी
1.In her last National Theater outing, in Sophie Treadwell's " Machinal,"

2.Hall made her Broadway debut in Sophie Treadwell's expressionist play " Machinal " in 2013.

3.An adaptation of " Machinal " aired August 14, 1960, on ABC TV in the United Kingdom.

4."Machinal " was revived by the Royal National Theatre in London in a production directed by Stephen Daldry.

5.No fatal catastrophes befall them along the way, no moments of violence or heartbreak or deus-ex-machinal plot twists.

6.She returned to Broadway in the Roundabout Theater s revival of " Machinal ", playing multiple roles opposite Rebecca Hall.

7.He appeared in the Roundabout Theatre production of " Machinal " as the " husband " in December 2013 through March 2, 2014.

8.But he recalls that his big break was in 1989, with Michael Greif's production of " Machinal " at the Naked Angels.

9.In 1990, " Machinal " moved to the Joseph Papp Public Theater, where Gallo worked as an assistant to the designer James Youmans.

10.His industrial music score for Sophie Treadwell's " Machinal " at the New York Shakespeare Festival earned him a Village Voice Obie Award in 1991.

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