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English-Hindi > machinary

machinary meaning in Hindi

machinary sentence in Hindi

• तंत्र
• मशीनरी
• यंत्र-समूह
1.If the threat was carried out, it would have destroyed the electronic machinary for sewage treatment, effectively ending indoor plumbing in the country's cities for months, if not years.

2.Such, though, that all of this can be achieved with as little machinary and energy as possible, and with all the required systems being intrinsic to the design of the building.

3.From 1945, however, demand for Belgium's traditional industries ( steel and coal, textiles, and railway machinary in particular ) grew across Europe, boosting the recovery of the Belgian economy.

4.I desire to install distillation machinary of aromatic plants . would you please guide me some books / reading material as i will be totally new in this field . Or some popular feasibility reports in installing ditillaries.

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