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English-Hindi > machinability

machinability meaning in Hindi

machinability sentence in Hindi
1.Machinability can be difficult to predict because machining has so many variables.

2.This material was chosen for its stiffness, light weight, machinability and stability.

3.Powder metal is also impregnated to enhance machinability.

4.Tellurium is commercially primarily used in alloys, foremost in steel and copper to improve machinability.

5.Commercially, the primary use of tellurium is copper and steel alloys, where it improves machinability.

6.The durability, strength and machinability of modern alloys have lent themselves to increasingly intricate and dazzling designs.

7.It has a relatively low melting point, good fluidity, castability, excellent machinability and wear resistance.

8.The machinability of the oil hardening grades is high but for the high carbon-chromium types is low.

9.Home electrical systems, for example, are wired with copper for its good conducting properties and easy machinability.

10.Tempering is also performed on normalized steels and cast irons, to increase ductility, machinability, and impact strength.

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