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English-Hindi > machination

machination meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ mæki'neiʃ(ə)n ]  sound:  
machination sentence in Hindi
1.Saddam's machinations make that precarious situation even more volatile.

2.What's up with all the way-back machinations?

3.One says that subsurface ocean machinations outside the tropics are responsible.

4.Paperbacks, $ 6.99 . ) The shenanigans and machinations

5.The machinations of Americans in Cuba on the eve of the Spanish

6.You don't know what machinations can come of this.

7."People didn't care about the internal machinations.

8.There was, of course, some earthly machination as well.

9.A man and a woman are caught in machinations of the FBI

10.The political machinations would be almost unbelievable for this modern era,

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a crafty and involved plot to achieve your (usually sinister) ends
Synonyms: intrigue,

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