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English-Hindi > miscarriages

miscarriages meaning in Hindi

miscarriages sentence in Hindi
• कुप्रबंध
• गर्भपात
• निष्फलता
• कुचाल
• निष्फल
1.Certainly the United States has had its share of moral miscarriages.

2.I don't think it was a miscarriage of justice.

3.Saro-Wiwa's imprisonment was a miscarriage of justice.

4.There are cases where there have been incredible miscarriages of justice.

5.I had four miscarriages before I got pregnant with my daughter.

6.A substantial risk of a miscarriage of justice has been established,

7.Tamera has been pregnant seven times; four ended in miscarriages.

8.But little is done to prevent these hideous miscarriages from occurring.

9.Again the standard is " miscarriage of justice ."

10.Drugs to induce early miscarriage are available in dozens of cities.

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