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English-Hindi > miscarried

miscarried meaning in Hindi

miscarried sentence in Hindi
• असफल होना
• गर्भ गिराना
• वृथा होना
• असफल हो जाना
• हारना
• गर्भपात होना
• विफल होना
• उलट जाना
1.That didn't submerge the hurt when she miscarried again.

2.Then she miscarried again before having her second daughter at 35.

3.She miscarried, and the couple soon divorced not long afterwards.

4.Elisabeth miscarried a daughter in 1568 and died the same day.

5.Anna miscarried their second child Falco Christian on 15 May 2007.

6.Anabela later miscarried twins, and had trouble getting pregnant thereafter.

7.She miscarried four times because of a suspected autoimmune disorder.

8.And later, in the silence of the night, she miscarried.

9.When I was 28, I miscarried my first child.

10.His wife, Guadalupe, pregnant with their fifth child, miscarried.

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