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English-Hindi > miscarries

miscarries meaning in Hindi

miscarries sentence in Hindi
• असफल होना
• गर्भ गिराना
• वृथा होना
• असफल हो जाना
• हारना
• गर्भपात होना
• विफल होना
• उलट जाना
1.Time and again, Nichole would get pregnant and then miscarry.

2.In April, Moira learns that she is pregnant but miscarries.

3.Phyllis becomes pregnant once more, but soon miscarries the child.

4.Cathy miscarries her second child and proceeds to fall into psychosis.

5.Kate miscarries weeks before the baby is due in November 1987.

6.She suffers an ectopic pregnancy and miscarries Jim's child.

7.The relationship between Celia and Minny deepens further after Celia miscarries.

8.Elizabet would conceive but miscarry in the first four months of pregnancy.

9.But roughly one woman in every 200 to 300 miscarries after amniocentesis.

10.Listeria can cause pregnant women to miscarry or have a deformed child.

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