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English-Hindi > miscarrying

miscarrying meaning in Hindi

miscarrying sentence in Hindi
• असफल होना
• गर्भ गिराना
• वृथा होना
• असफल हो जाना
• हारना
• गर्भपात होना
• विफल होना
• उलट जाना
1.Maxie eventually became pregnant, but ended up miscarrying soon after.

2.A woman pregnant with quadruplets has a 25 percent chance of miscarrying.

3.After the battle she starts miscarrying Darman's child.

4.Worried that she is miscarrying again, Vivien runs into the house.

5.Mary blamed Pepper for miscarrying her grandchild and she became obsessed with Pepper.

6.Cows began miscarrying; roosters lost their crow.

7.Or Edie, who is institutionalized after miscarrying.

8.Teresa once faced an abortion because of a problem pregnancy and ended up miscarrying.

9.One woman, Madeea Solomonovici, was admitted to an Istanbul hospital after miscarrying.

10.She refused but then ended up miscarrying.

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