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English-Hindi > miscegenationist

miscegenationist meaning in Hindi

miscegenationist sentence in Hindi

• प्रजातिसंकरणवादी
1.Vardaman was known for his provocative speeches and quotes, once calling Theodore Roosevelt a " little, mean, coon-flavored miscegenationist . " In reference to the education of black children, he remarked, " The only effect of Negro education is to spoil a good field hand and make an insolent cook ."

2.He got his nickname from a speech in which he called President Grover Cleveland " an old bag of beef " and resolved to bring a pitchfork to Washington to " poke him in his old fat ribs . " James Kimble Vardaman consistently referred to President Theodore Roosevelt as a " coon-flavored miscegenationist " and once posted an ad in a newspaper for " sixteen big, fat, mellow, rancid coons " to sleep with Roosevelt during a trip to Mississippi.

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