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naivetes sentence in Hindi

"naivetes" meaning in Hindi
  • Streep is not exaggerating the naivete she brought into the project.
  • Arbitrarily, the attack demonstrated our collective naivete and individual defenselessness.
  • Trope said such naivete is not unusual for young art students.
  • The real virtues of LAPD are gullibility, obliviousness and naivete.
  • And they also appreciated what they felt was a certain naivete.
  • As we've seen, many paid for their naivete.
  • This naivete on the floors of great restaurants leaves some wary.
  • They often have a very childlike mind, with some naivete.
  • They were, in their naivete, their own worst enemies.
  • But at a certain point, naivete isn't enough.
  • Now, a month later, she laughs at her naivete.
  • The film's naivete makes up for its rampant predictability.
  • How illuminating you find this depends on your level of naivete.
  • Some conservatives have criticized that attitude as soft-hearted naivete.
  • Her naivete is refreshing in a sport that ages its young.
  • There is a sense of nobility in the naivete of technique.
  • I think my naivete about city government is actually an asset,
  • But she also believes her naivete has worked to her advantage.
  • My success alerted me unwittingly to a journalistic virtue : naivete.
  • Damon projects strength and vulnerability along with naivete and street smarts.
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