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naiveties sentence in Hindi

"naiveties" meaning in Hindi
  • Many of the problems are caused by naivety, she said.
  • Their counterparts are innocence _ or at least naivety _ personified.
  • Tyler also helps Skelton overcome his clumsiness, nervousness and naivety.
  • But because of his naivety and clumsiness he is soon released.
  • The naivety comes in imagining that league tables will not evolve anyway.
  • We have lost a little innocence, a little naivety.
  • Yet, her sophisticated humor belies the naivety of her drawing style.
  • This naivety often leads to the unfeasible-ness of their adventures.
  • Part of the charm of that album is a naivety.
  • Unfortunately, her naivety and inquisitive tendencies lead her directly to Alphonse.
  • His Othello represents the simplicity, plainness, wisdom and child naivety.
  • Your comment shows AN / I naivety in the extreme.
  • He begins in naivety, gradually discovering his profound errors in judgement.
  • They breathed youth into the situation and naivety and hope.
  • Men take advantage of the ignorance and naivety of young, innocent girls.
  • Deutsche Bank can no longer claim naivety, gullibility and innocence for itself.
  • It has kind of a naivety about it ".
  • His speaking mannerisms suggest a childlike intelligence and naivety.
  • Because of his naivety and gentleman's style, Z�ndel is frauded.
  • It has kind of a naivety about it ."
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