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oarlock sentence in Hindi

"oarlock" meaning in Hindi  
  • Furthermore, the RS Tera can be rowed and has oarlocks.
  • Last summer, a popped oarlock knocked him out in the semifinals.
  • Tom has it all in his head, even the wooden oarlocks,
  • The painting has one more oarlock than an old photograph of it shows.
  • Except for birdsong and the creaking of the oarlocks, the silence was absolute.
  • Most notable of all, the team found a large metal oarlock a foot long.
  • The only other essential pieces of hardware are rowlocks ( also known as oarlocks ).
  • The bottoms consist of wooden sills with a row of beveled bricks below them in oarlock orientation.
  • The river's silence broken only by the call of an owl or the creak of oarlocks.
  • He rowed away from the Chatham Fish Pier with a smile, a wave and a new oarlock.
  • His attempt last summer ended 300 miles ( 480 kilometers ) at sea when he broke an oarlock.
  • But an oarlock can be mounted on the transom for use with an oar as a steering device.
  • Everything lines up perfectly, especially the fact that we found this very large oarlock on the main ballast pile.
  • Wright explained that the artist must have painted out an oarlock that was a compositional distraction, intercepting the horizon line.
  • Last summer, Luckes hitched a ride with the Coast Guard when a broken oarlock interrupted his first attempt 300 miles offshore.
  • Longships had hooks for oars to fit into, but smaller oars were also used, with crooks or bends to be used as oarlocks.
  • The hulls can be kept narrower by attaching riggers to the gunwales, so that the oarlocks can be placed farther out to carry longer oars.
  • He was first in many areas, including the development of a successful wood and glass laminated composite oar, molded seat tops and adjustable oarlock height spacers.
  • Trouble is, the oarlock is coming back, because of all the cleanings the painting has undergone and the tendency of oil paint to become translucent over time.
  • An alternative to the sliding seat, called a " sliding rigger ", uses a stationary seat and the rower moves the oarlocks with his feet.
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