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oas sentence in Hindi

"oas" meaning in Hindioas in a sentence
  • Chaplain John Oas said the mood in the room was somber.
  • OAS officials and diplomats predicted that hemispheric governments will move carefully.
  • Oases and plants bloomed, and nomads moved in with cattle.
  • But OAS won't help if security remains a problem.
  • He said the OAS had no right to mediate the issue.
  • With some 300 monitors, the OAS has the largest contingent.
  • The conference is sponsored by the OAS and the Dominican government.
  • Canada, Mexico and other OAS members have companies in Cuba.
  • It was the first time OAS election observers had been targeted.
  • But it was not an official statement originating from the OAS,
  • The OAS is in no position to make such a prediction.
  • The OAS comprises 34 democratic nations in North and South America.
  • Cesar Gaviria, secretary-general of OAS, said Saturday.
  • Cesar Gaviria said in opening the OAS'28th general assembly.
  • Eduardo Stein, head of the OAS mission, said Friday.
  • The OAS said 10 Senate races should have gone to runoffs.
  • All Western Hemisphere nations except Cuba are members of the OAS.
  • OAS : http : / / www . oas . org/
  • OAS : http : / / www . oas . org/
  • Efforts by OAS mediators to resolve the stalemate have been unsuccessful.
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