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quaked sentence in Hindi

"quaked" meaning in Hindiquaked in a sentence
  • The company never conducted any independent loss analysis for quake loss.
  • Quakes manager Tim Flannery is developing . . . facial ticks.
  • The implications for quake hazards in the Bay Area remain unclear.
  • Stand-alone quake policies are rare in the insurance industry.
  • Quake losses were upgraded, this time to $ 600 million.
  • In 1965, the Japanese launched their quake-forecasting program.
  • One thing everyone could identify with was fear of another quake.
  • Last year's Los Angeles quake measured 6.8.
  • But smaller, closer quakes ought to be feared much more.
  • The Northridge outlet was reopened in November after completing quake repairs.
  • The company reported more than $ 900 million in quake claims.
  • Most NFL owners are not quaking, at least in public.
  • They walked outside to have another cigarette when the quake hit.
  • The quake came in the midst of a California heat wave.
  • This quake, as you know, was of high intensity,
  • The company wants to have Quake finished by Dec . 31.
  • It also dammed up the Madison River and created Quake Lake.
  • They claimed they would be wiped out if another quake hit.
  • They quake-proofed their home as best as they could.
  • That means that the two quakes released identical amounts of energy.
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