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quandaries sentence in Hindi

"quandaries" meaning in Hindiquandaries in a sentence
  • But the operation has left McMurtry in a quandary about self.
  • Pataki could face a similar quandary with the police discipline bill.
  • But that is not necessarily a solution to Barneys'quandary.
  • Community groups that might normally align are in the same quandary.
  • The secretary-general stands at the center of this quandary.
  • Perot asked, referring to government's budget deficit quandary.
  • The small system quandary isn't just a management problem.
  • That " leaves the ( Fed ) in a quandary.
  • And it just might add to ABC's Wednesday quandary.
  • But some German commentators believe Kohl faces a peculiar political quandary.
  • Bobby Valentine found himself in a quandary at 3Com Park Thursday.
  • The quandary of Internet stocks is that they confound current analysis.
  • That seems to have been the quandary for Willow Tree Stocks.
  • He more than prefigured our humanity, its quandaries and dilemmas.
  • Many such rich politicos are in the same quandary as Milosevic.
  • Singh said judging distances presented pros with a quandary all day.
  • This could create a quandary for galleries at The Country Club.
  • Just 20 years ago, such quandaries would have been unthinkable.
  • Most travelers have felt the quandary : Too much to see.
  • And that's just the beginning of the casting quandary.
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