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quandry sentence in Hindi

"quandry" meaning in Hindi
  • That, of course, puts the Mets in a quandry.
  • My favorite puts a new twist on the old quota quandry.
  • We have two breaking news stories and something of a quandry,
  • Until then, health officials in Africa are in a quandry.
  • Greenspan himself complained of this quandry during testimony before Congress this month.
  • Many of Seattle's breweries are in a quandry.
  • The arrival of the REITs is putting the titans in a quandry.
  • Republicans say Democrats face a similar quandry throughout the country.
  • I'm in a bit of a quandry here.
  • BC-FOOD-QUANDRY-NYT ( moved Saturday, June 3)
  • The advent of digital recording has thrown many classical music enthusiasts into a quandry.
  • That said, here is my specific quandry.
  • Until now, when these patients have needed surgery, doctors have been in an quandry.
  • "Weld is in a quandry, " said GOP political consultant Todd Domke.
  • As the 1975 season approached, Ohio State running back Archie Griffin found himself in a severe quandry.
  • :: 3.1 is reasonable enough, but I'm left with the same quandry.
  • Hi, I'm kind of in a quandry on how to proceed at the Advertainment article.
  • I've presented my quandry on my talk page, under User talk : Healthwise # Health issues.
  • This would put them in an impossible quandry and leave their kids with the possibility of facing hunger and homelessness.
  • The quandry arises in the case of an intact eardrum-how do you get the taste to go through?
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