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quanta sentence in Hindi

"quanta" meaning in Hindi  
  • GILBERTO GIL : " QUANTA " ( Mesa ).
  • Y en un solo disco, " Quanta ."
  • However the very high frequency quanta will still not be contained.
  • The laptop is manufactured by the Taiwanese computer company Quanta Computer.
  • Creo que por eso el resultado de Quanta es relativo.
  • All three can be portrayed as fields transmitted by particles called quanta.
  • The forces are also made from particles, called quanta.
  • Quanta Services Inc ., Houston, 2.72 million shares.
  • "Quanta " ( Mesa ) _ Gilberto Gil
  • Quanta expects to turn out 2 million notebooks this year.
  • For example, quanta and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.
  • In 1970 he founded Quanta, a collective improvisation group.
  • Quanta's Syspine was the first OEM product on the market.
  • Quanta Services, Inc ., Houston, 3.5 million shares.
  • In the short-term, Lam said, such trends favor Quanta.
  • Quanta was hitting the ceiling with its existing clients.
  • Aquila and Quanta reached a settlement Tuesday that called off the proxy contest.
  • Aquila has invested about $ 770 million in Quanta.
  • Later, Albert Einstein proposed that light quanta be regarded as real particles.
  • Quanta is capable of both WYSIWYG design and handcoding.
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